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Boiler grants have been introduced by the Government to help vulnerable household including people on a low income heat their homes more efficiently by replacing their old boiler for free.  Available to consumers living in England, Scotland and Wales, to be eligible for a boiler grant you must own your own home or rent from a private landlord.  Your boiler must be at least 10 years old to qualify, and you must be in receipt of certain benefits, tax credits and allowances.

Once a boiler reaches a certain age, it will no longer be operating as efficiently as it once was.  So it is advisable to replace a boiler if it is more than 10 years old and by doing so you will have advantage of:
What’s so great about the Government Boiler Grants like the ECO grant, is that qualifying vulnerable households, particularly people on low incomes who are living in poorly heated homes, will have the opportunity to replace their ageing energy inefficient boiler with a modern energy saving new boiler for free.
If you do not receive one of the benefits above, you will need to receive a benefit on the left column AND an additional component on the right from the table below:
If you receive the following benefits or combination of benefits from the list below then you may qualify to have a FREE boiler installed.

The following will qualify automatically:
Qualifies with additional component
Income support
Income based job seekers allowance
Income related employment support allowance
Working tax credit
What happens next?
If you qualify, our Engineer will contact you to arrange a free survey to check your existing boiler is eligible. A date will then be arranged for your A-rated replacement boiler to be installed.

For further information then please contact us.
Additional component
•  Disability living allowance (higher rate)
•  Pension premium
•  Employment support
•  Child under 16
•  Child under 20 (in full time education but not University)
•  Over 60 years old
•  Receive disabled worker element
•  Receive severe disability element
•  Child under 16
•  Child under 20 (in full time education but not University)
  • Making your home energy efficient
  • Not to mention warmer and a more comfortable place to live
  • And you’ll also be able to lower your annual heating bill by as much as £300. The key to doing that is to install an energy saving new boiler
  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (household income must be less than £15,860)
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